Welcome to Mickey's blog, a blog about a dog who has been there for me and made me smile even when I thought I couldn't any more. A dog who was sent to me by a loving God who knew I needed him as much as he needed me.

Mickey's story is much like other adopted dog's stories. Left at a kill shelter at only six months because his owners didn't want him any more. He waited and waited, but because of his age and because of his energy level he was never taken home and so awaited his death. But Mickey was one of the lucky ones, the rare few who are rescued by those non-kill shelters to be given more time to find their forever home. After waiting patiently for over a year, we finally found each other at a Petco in Austin.

Five years later, Mickey is my companion, best friend and and athlete. With elite and master titles in multiple Agility venues, he competes all over the state, traveling from hotel to hotel. Not only that, he's a Canine Good Citizen and loved by everyone who meets him.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable has happened. And though its fairly common in working, athletic dogs, I was devastated and distraught. Mickey was diagnosed with an ACL tear/rupture on April 3rd 2009 and after a long weekend of research and studying the procedure, he was admitted into Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a much needed TPLO surgery by Dr. Kerpsack.

*I'm not a vet and and in no way am I liable for any information on this blog. Please contact your local vet for information on medications or treatments.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Seven


So, it's been one week today since Mickey's surgery. He is doing better by the day and his leg is a lot less swollen and hot. Except that he does strange things like, he will be eager to stay outside walking and moving around and then the minute I get him back into the house he panics and runs to his crate. This could possibly be from the fact that we have a tile floor and he feels unstable of the tile. I'm not sure. I talked to the vet nurse about this and she wasn't sure either. And it's not like he just walks around panicking, he only does it when he has to stand. Like, when I offer him a drink at the water bowl or ask him to stand for just a second. So I think it has to do more with the fact that he is feeling pain more when he's just standing than when he is moving. The vet said to keep an eye on him and to give her a call on Wednesday if he's not doing better by then.

I got his new "BiteNot" collar, he doesn't like it. He gives me this horribly sad puppy expression that only Mickey has mastered to the art of true manipulation. Even my sister agrees with me. So I think he's getting to be a very lucky dog and prove to me that I can trust him not to pull his stitches. Which I would not do with any other dog except Mickey because he seems to "know" things. If I catch him messing with them one time that collar goes on!

I thought I would post a video of Mickey one day prior to his surgery. Just for your entertainment. He just got a bath and was all nice and clean, and a little frisky too. Enjoy!

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  1. It looks like Mickey had surgery the day before my Keiko did. We also went through this not even 11 months ago with her other leg. She never would tolerate the e-collar so I got the bite not collar. Last time she did much better with it. This time she can't stand it. She has a complete panic attack even with the sedatives and pain meds. She never has even tried to get at her staples last time or this time. So for now she is not wearing any collar. I figure it is day 10, and if the can come out at ten days I'm not that worried about it. Good luck with your collar. Keiko did great with her last TPLO and I'm sure Mickey will too!!


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