Welcome to Mickey's blog, a blog about a dog who has been there for me and made me smile even when I thought I couldn't any more. A dog who was sent to me by a loving God who knew I needed him as much as he needed me.

Mickey's story is much like other adopted dog's stories. Left at a kill shelter at only six months because his owners didn't want him any more. He waited and waited, but because of his age and because of his energy level he was never taken home and so awaited his death. But Mickey was one of the lucky ones, the rare few who are rescued by those non-kill shelters to be given more time to find their forever home. After waiting patiently for over a year, we finally found each other at a Petco in Austin.

Five years later, Mickey is my companion, best friend and and athlete. With elite and master titles in multiple Agility venues, he competes all over the state, traveling from hotel to hotel. Not only that, he's a Canine Good Citizen and loved by everyone who meets him.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable has happened. And though its fairly common in working, athletic dogs, I was devastated and distraught. Mickey was diagnosed with an ACL tear/rupture on April 3rd 2009 and after a long weekend of research and studying the procedure, he was admitted into Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a much needed TPLO surgery by Dr. Kerpsack.

*I'm not a vet and and in no way am I liable for any information on this blog. Please contact your local vet for information on medications or treatments.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Fifteen


The stitches are gone! Today Mickey had his two week check-up and they gave him a clean bill of health. First the doctor checked his movement and his flexions. He checked the surgery sight for heat, swelling, abnormal movement and so on. After his full exam I was informed that he was healing incredibly well and had lost less muscle mass than was normal for this amount of time for this surgery. Hence, he is healing! But of course, the bone isn't any where near healed, so he is still on crate rest with minimal physical therapy and exercise that is always to be monitored.

Once he removed the stitches we met with the physical therapist, who I didn't like. She didn't talk enough. I'm one of those people that I want to know EVERYTHING I could possibly do. I want to know about the recovery, the future, the extent of the damage, the possibility of his return to work, the minimum and maximum recovery and so on. I suppose that's come from being around horses. Horse people are
very serious about their equine's injuries. We do everything from shock wave therapy, heat therapy, laser therapy, red light therapy, cold therapy, physical therapy, hydro therapy, injections, scoping, and almost anything else you can imagine when it comes to our horses recovery. Especially when it comes to joints. If one of my horses had done the same injury or something similar, our vets would have been on the phone with us daily, we would have sent them to a special physical therapist that could have been half way across the world for all we cared. Everything would have been done, nothing left undone. But with dogs, the vets seem so unconcerned and like they could really care less. I keep having to be like "He is a working dog, I'll do anything and everything I can to help him recover. Name it, I'll do it." and they say "leash walks". LEASH WALKS?! Sure, I'll take him on leash walks.. but I had to dig it out of her what else I could do.. she never even mentioned that we could do stretches. (which I only asked because of two reasons. One, I would with my horses. And two, I read about other people's physical therapy sessions after their surgeries with their dogs). Anyway, I'm sorry to rant. I'm just frustrated. I think I'm going to try and find another physical therapist in the area and get more information. I know I don't want to push Mickey, that rest has almost everything to do with his recovery. But surely there is more I could be doing for the next four weeks than a five minute walk three times a day?! He's doing that right now.

I've been reading up on this idea of using "ball" therapy.. I know he's not quite ready for that yet. But I want to be planned and prepared for the next few months. Not to mention that I plan on using hydro-therapy at home. I read about someone who bought a stock tank and swam their dog in a vest and with support once a day. Which, Mickey loves swimming and I've heard of great results from this type of physical therapy. Anyway, for now Mickey is just resting for awhile longer with a few more walks a day on flat ground. And also mobility stretches three times a day. At least for another two weeks, that's the plan.

Mickey didn't want to be at the vet today, but he was amazingly good and very well behaved. I have a few pictures for you to see! The first is of Mickey watching the window, waiting to leave. And the second is of his stich-less leg! Yeah!


  1. Great news! Another hurdle overcome.

    Keep it up.

  2. the incision site looks GREAT!!! I hope you find a better PTist. I'm probably doing on my own this time around. I will continue posting what I do with mine.


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