Welcome to Mickey's blog, a blog about a dog who has been there for me and made me smile even when I thought I couldn't any more. A dog who was sent to me by a loving God who knew I needed him as much as he needed me.

Mickey's story is much like other adopted dog's stories. Left at a kill shelter at only six months because his owners didn't want him any more. He waited and waited, but because of his age and because of his energy level he was never taken home and so awaited his death. But Mickey was one of the lucky ones, the rare few who are rescued by those non-kill shelters to be given more time to find their forever home. After waiting patiently for over a year, we finally found each other at a Petco in Austin.

Five years later, Mickey is my companion, best friend and and athlete. With elite and master titles in multiple Agility venues, he competes all over the state, traveling from hotel to hotel. Not only that, he's a Canine Good Citizen and loved by everyone who meets him.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable has happened. And though its fairly common in working, athletic dogs, I was devastated and distraught. Mickey was diagnosed with an ACL tear/rupture on April 3rd 2009 and after a long weekend of research and studying the procedure, he was admitted into Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a much needed TPLO surgery by Dr. Kerpsack.

*I'm not a vet and and in no way am I liable for any information on this blog. Please contact your local vet for information on medications or treatments.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day Thirteen


Vegas, the sin city of the United States, is where I was this weekend. After a wretched and horrible experience trying to actually GET there before I died from old age, my sister and I enjoyed our sister trip immensely. And despite the fact that when I said "Vegas" you probably instantly assumed we went their to gamble and party, we actually went to watch the Rolex Las Vegas World Cup International! Probably the largest international horse competition other than the Olympics. I don't know this for sure, but as far as I know there isn't another competition as publicized are talked about or has as large of an audience attendance in the Stadium Show Jumping and Dressage equestrian sports. We had an amazing time, but it was very very hard for me to leave poor Mickey. And of course my Fiance. (who I missed exeedingly) But Mickey is my baby and especially when he is in the sort of shape he is in right now, I worry about leaving him.

I left him in the good and familiar hands of my parents, who took very good care of him while I was away. He looks great overall, now that I'm back! I'm so relieved to be back. We left on Friday afternoon (the 17th and arrived home this evening (the 20th). Apparently, other than one barking fit, Mickey was an excellent boy and was hardly a pain at all. Even though he is feeling great and wants to jump and run around everywhere! Of course, I would not allow such a thing! He wasn't very happy that everyone
seemed to know what he was and wasn't allowed to do. (He thought he was going to have it easy! haha). I did leave them with a very explanatory and detailed schedule for him. Everything from the medication doses to exact times he was to go on walks and for how long and where the walks were to take place. (yes, I'm over protective and a micro manager when it comes to my babies). As far as I know they followed everything to the letter and they only had to use a very minor dose of sedation once! (Apparently he missed me a lot).

Mickey doesn't exactly have what I would call "severe" separation anxiety. He does however suffer while I'm away. He becomes "removed" and detached from the lives of my family and the people around him, always watching and waiting for my return. On occasion he'll bark, as if impatiently saying "WHERE ARE YOU?!" and then quiet down for awhile. When a stranger takes care of him though, he'll go as far as not eating and severe depression. I'm never gone for long, but to him I know it seems like forever
and I hate leaving him behind.

When I left on Friday I sedated him slightly, just so he wouldn't panic or become stressed once he realized I was gone. (It was just a fraction of a dose the vet gave to me for my other forty pound australian shepherd when she had her surgery a year back.) And so I thought I would make you smile with a cute picture of Mickey totally relaxed! The poor boy was a little out of it, but very relaxed!

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  1. It s VERY difficult to leave them at any time, believe me, I totally understand. Glad you had a good time nonetheless and that i'm sure both of you are happy to be back home - together.


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